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About Almond Blossoms Schoolhouse

Mission Statement:

To provide exceptional care and educational opportunities to children while supporting families’ need to work and reach other family goals.

Vision Statement:

To cultivate lifelong learners who explore their talents, grow through their struggles, and reach their full potential as productive members of society and benevolent community members.

Almond Blossoms Schoolhouse’s Main Goals in Early Childhood Education:

  • Healthy Social and Emotional Development

  • Build Self Esteem

  • Build Self Worth

  • Foster Grit and Growth Mindset

  • Learn to Love Learning

It is from these goals; our core values were developed.

Core Values:

Honor - Everyone has greatness in them; A treasure trove of talents and passions to contribute to the community. Therefore, every member of our community (big and small) will be treated with honor and respect.

Play – Children interact with the world through play. Play is the beginning of all learning.

Creativity – Fostering strong imaginations and allowing creative problem solving allows children to further develop their intelligence.   

Exploration – Children should be exposed to a wide array of learning opportunities and experiences so they can explore their talents and passions. This allows the child to further develop who they are as an individual.

Learning – Learning should be a lifelong endeavor, and the best way to teach this to children is to model it ourselves. We encourage those that engage with children to try some of the following:

1)  Be quick to admit when you are wrong. Or be honest when you do not have the answer and work together to find it. This allows children to build a teachable foundation of learning. Remember they are always watching adults.

2)  When something does not go as planned, talk through how you could do it better next time. This teaches children how to achieve success by planning and not giving up.

3)  Keep goals small and add a little more with each success until your final goal is reached. Make sure to celebrate each victory along the way.

4)  Make learning fun! Americans spend 13+ years in school and then work until their 60’s or 70’s. We might as well help them to enjoy it. Creating joy around learning can have a positive impact on people’s lives. So, speak positively about learning, working, reading, math, and opportunities where you get to try, try, again. It is a gift that will keep on giving in a child’s life.

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