About Almond Blossoms Schoolhouse

Mission Statement:

To contribute to raising a generation that walks in love, loves to learn, and learns to walk in achievement. By helping children uncover the greatness in them. To love and respect each person’s individuality. And to become creative problems solvers offering positive contributions to the community around them.

Our Philosophy:

Passion and Purpose – Children are only children for a little while. We have the opportunity to help them discover what unique gifts that they have to offer to the world. Our program focuses on all the 8 different types of the intelligences in our curriculum (literacy, math/logical, spatial, inter-personal, intra-personal, music, bodily/kinetics, nature). This allows children to find where their talents are and use their strengths to fortify their weaknesses. These practices help to instill, self-worth, self-confidence, problem solving skills/growth-mindset, and appreciation for individuality (in self and in others). Every child has greatness in them; a passion and a purpose that should be nurtured and cultivated until it is ready to bloom.


Play – Children interact with the world through play. Play is the beginning of all learning.

Creativity – Children will be encouraged to practice their creativity. This is best achieved when play materials are simple and basic. When people learn to tap into their creativity, they lead happier lives, develop strong problem-solving skills, and make positive contributions to society.


Environment – We strive to keep the environment as warm and nurturing as possible. The center resembles more of a home than an institution.


Meals – Nutritional quality is of the utmost importance. The center serves 3 meals a day and snacks. All food at the center is health focused and special attention is put in assuring a well-balanced diet (not available at all locations).


Almond Blossoms stand by its mission to help every child reach their full potential, value their uniqueness, and find their contribution to society. Therefore, all children are invited to participate in all the activities in their class. All activities are designed with levels of achievement so that all the children will find an appropriate amount of success and challenge.

Advance Children/Special Needs/Individual Attention

Almond Blossoms is willing to partner with families and teams to ensure that every child is getting the challenge and support that they need for an optimal education and care experience. If possible, we can lend space for children to meet with a tutor, music teacher, speech pathologist, aid, etc. during the child’s regularly scheduled hours of care. These additional support members will have to be hired by the family, paid for by the family, and pass any, and all, background checks and clearance items according to state regulations to work in a child care center.

Almond Blossoms Schoolhouse Goals

  • To build a solid foundation of self-worth and self-esteem in the children who come through the program. This is the foundation of a quality education.

  • To build grit and growth mindset in the children we care for and educate. This has been proven to be the highest determining factor of success in an individual’s life.

  • To expose the children to learning in all 8 areas of intelligence, and teach them how to use their strengths to fortify their weaknesses.

  • To provide an emergent curriculum that keeps children engaged and actively involved in their education.

  • To build an academic foundation in children’s lives.

  • To provide care, mentorship, and support to the community.

  • To offer scholarships and opportunities to children who would not otherwise have access to a quality academic start.